some crime prevention tips:

  • Install deadbolts on doors, and locks on windows and fences.
  • Lock all doors and windows when leaving your home even if it is for a short time.

  • Trim trees or bushes surrounding your home so burglars do not have easy access to your house or roof.

  • Leave exterior lights on at night or consider installing motion detector lights on your property.

  • Always make sure your garage door is closed, especially at night.

  • Consider installing a security system or getting a dog as a pet.  Dogs are often times alert to approaching visitors or strangers.

  • Never post your vacation plans on social networking sites.

  • While on vacation, have the post office hold or have a trusted neighbor or friend pick up your mail.

  • Use timers for lights and television to make your house appear occupied while you are away.

  • When away from home, park in a well lit, open area that is near a security camera if possible.  The more populated and secure the area, the less likely a theft will occur.

  • Never leave valuables in your car.

  • Chain and lock bicycles to a secure unmovable item when unattended.

  • Do not carry any more than necessary in your wallet.  Never write down a PIN number and carry it with you.

  • Do not give out personal information over the phone or to persons unknown to you.

  • Be suspicious of persons going door to door asking for money.

  • Always CALL 911 in an emergency.

Recently an anonymous donor contacted the Crime Prevention Fund wanting to make a donation to go towards the purchase of a bullet proof vest for the Eden Prairie Police Department's newest canine, Jace. 

He will wear his vest while on high risk patrol calls, SWAT call-outs and during training.  Jace is pictured here with two of our Crime Prevention Fund members.